Industrial Training

Industrial training.

Today it is strategic to have people in the industry with good skills to do specialized work.

My group of engineers can train your staff in various technology topics that help improve your processes, products and services. Contact me if you are interested in having a training service according to your needs.


Sometimes things seem complicated to renew products, process or services. I am specialized about mechatronics and also I like to grow the businesses of my clients with specific strategies by: a) Technological audit, b) Strategical planning and c) Academic Programs Review.

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Research projects.

I like to make deep studies about the behavior of robots, machines and productive industrial lines, where the engineering research is required to improve it. By this way I belief to contribute with new knowledge for the understanding of the physics involved for the control actions of special machines.

If you need to develop a specific research project, then you should probably give me a mail to see how I can make a positive impact for your company.

Technology integration.

I offer a confidential job to take your company to a new technological level. Your employees will be able to learn and make good use of the technologies applied in your company.

Are you interested in modernizing any process?

Contact me to make an appointment.


The promotion and diffusion about science and technology is the motivation that really give special sense of my project´s life. I offer conferences in several field, like:

   Information Systems Technology
   Simulation and Design of Machines
   Industry 4.0
   Mechatronics, Education & Applications

If you want a specific conference contact me to accord the service.

Technical assistance.

If you need to develop technical knowledge in specialized jobs, then technical assistance is the solution.

You can call me to schedule a work meeting and together we can analyze what technology can offer in your company.