Why study Engineering?



This document has been produced with the purpose of guiding the vocation of young people who have considered Engineering as a study option to carry out a professional life in the future.


First, it is essential to know the origin of the term "Engineering". This word has its origin from Latin: "ingenium", which refers to the natural capacity of the human being, or the innate qualities of a thing.

Nevertheless, ingenium also refers to the intelligence, or talent and inventiveness. In this way, the current conception that the engineer is a person dedicated to the creation of technological solutions in order to respond to the needs of society is understood.



The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines Engineering as:

1.    Study and application, by specialists, of the various topics of technology.

2.    Professional activity of the engineer.



Through conversations, interviews, meetings and various professional jobs with a considerable number of engineers who currently work in national and international companies, or carry out their professional work independently, without forgetting those engineers who are dedicated to research and teaching engineering in public and private institutions in Mexico. I have found various answers to the question that we all once asked ourselves:






By making an effort to simplify the reasons that led all of us to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering, we could simplify our decision in three contexts:

1.     Individual context.

2.     Community context.

3.     Social context.






Individual context:

1.  Because I am interested in "knowing" and "applying" technology.

2.  Because I consider that engineering offers me a good preparation for my professional life.


3.   Because it is a good investment in my life.

4.   Because I like to apply mathematics and physics in a practical way.

5.   Because training as an engineer gives me the necessary training to succeed in life.

Community context:

1.     Because I will be able to provide solutions to improve products or services in the company where I will work as an engineer.

2.     Because I will carry out important projects for my community.

3.     Because people who know me will recognize me as a successful person.

4.      Because I will be able to create my own company and generate profits.

5.     To teach and train people who work with me.



Social context:

1.   Because I will carry out projects that improve the conditions of our society.

2.   Because I will enrich the talent of our society.

3.   Because I will be a good role model for future generations.

4.   Because I will be remembered as a person who contributed good things to society.

5. Because as an engineer I will make products that improve life of people.